Four Japanese Potters


I am very pleased to report that this year, we will be joined by four potters working from Japan. The potters, currently working from some of the historic kiln site areas, are Peter Seabridge from Tokoname, Masahiro Kumagae and Reiko Nagata, both from Kyushu, and Yoshihisa Okamoto from Mashiko. Although the first three have previously exhibited in this country, Mr. Okamoto is looking forward to exhibiting abroad for the first time and we have great pleasure in welcoming them all to our festival.

It is with sincere thanks to Penny Simpson, who mentioned the possibility of arranging this visit whilst showing with us last year, that we will be able to see and buy their pottery. For those of you familiar with the Penny Simpson Blog site, you will already be aware of the passion she shares for good food and how it is presented. The site includes many photos of her visits to Japan, including work by these potters, as well as some which illustrate how wonderful food looks when served with thought, imagination - and, of course, on beautiful pottery. Penny tells me that we can expect to see this first-hand as they will be making some traditional Japanese recipes for us to try, alongside traditional table settings and images from cookery books and magazines which show the use of handmade pottery for food in Japan. With having these four potters, plus work by Takeshi Yasuda, alongside more than fifty other potters from the U.K and beyond, this is surely a show that no true pot-a-holic could possibly stand to miss.


As the title of the show declares, this is a Pottery and Food Festival and please, be in no doubt that the food does not play "second fiddle" to the pottery. There will be plenty to buy to take home as well as to eat on site. We are very fortunate in having many regional shows dedicated to food but as far as we know, we are the only festival in this country dedicated to the wonderful marriage of these "two of our favourite things" - pots and food! and we hope to see many of you over the weekend of Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September.

IMGP6596 (1)

Just one last thought. Don't forget, we take plastic! (Apologies to Lauren Moreira & the rest of the "More Clay Less Plastic" crew - of whom we thoroughly approve - but this "plastic" is very, very handy!)

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