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We are lucky to have the following Potters exhibiting at this years show.

Potters Anchor

Andy Knives Derbyshire

Knife restoration


Bring along your old, damaged or rusty knives and let Andy bring them back to their former glory. Even if it seems beyond repair, bring all the pieces to the show Andy will take them away and restore them for you.


BAKER Maureen (Mo) Norfolk

Reduction fired functional pots


Individual and functional pots for everyday use in the home.


BERRY Charlotte South Yorkshire


Domestic Stoneware


Domestic stoneware decorated with sgraffito. Pieces are thrown or moulded and painted with slip at the leather hard stage. Each piece is individually decorated, starting with a sketchy design in pencil, then followed up with sgraffito tools to firm up outlines and add detail.


BLATHERWICK Sue Staffordshire


Slip decorated tiles, dishes, sculptural bowls


I like to explore the marks and lively colours that are possible with slip, which create an impression of fluid energy and simplicity. My work is thrown and slab based, with imagery reflective of the landscape around me in the Peak District.


BOOTON Steve Sheffield


Wheel thrown reduction fire ceramics


Since returning to ceramics after a long absence, it has been a journey of rediscovery. Rediscovering lost skills. Rediscovering lost enthusiasm and rediscovering an aesthetic approach to working with clay that feels natural and unforced.


BOWDEN Jane Oxfordshire




Jane Bowen has been working with clay for more than 30 years. Having completed a BA in ceramics at Camberwell School of Art she was then apprentice to Clive Bowen at Shebbear Pottery. Jane has explored many different areas of ceramics but she always finds herself returning to slipware and its rich and dynamic tradition.

Instagram: @jcfbowen


BRAMPTON Margaret Wales


Domestic earthenware


Each piece is a unique object where all the drawing and lettering is done free hand. Drawings are marked out with food colour before being scratched out with a sharp point (sgraffito). Washes of oxides and underglaze colour are then applied to the leather hard pot.


BRIERLEY Ben Leicestershire


Functional and Sculptural ceramics


I make a range of functional and sculptural ceramics from stoneware, porcelain and earthenware clays. Work is thrown and hand built and seeks to emphasise the malleable, tactile qualities of clay. All work is fired in an anagama style cross draft woodfired kiln for 4 days.


BULLEYMENT Linda West Yorkshire


Animals, essence, hand built, thrown


Moving to Sheepwalk Studios I felt compelled to add sheep to my growing menagerie of animals, a few others have joined me since. With more space I went back to my first love of throwing and combine both in my work. Capturing the essence of these animals allows their personalities to show.


CLARKE Joanna Prestatyn, Wales


Slip cast forms


Illustrated hand built and cast forms


CLARKE Wayne Prestatyn, Wales


Woodfired stoneware

Woodfired functional and sculptural stonewear

COBBOLD Simone 21.jpg

COBBOLD Simone Cheshire


Functional and Sculptural pieces


I have always been drawn to textures and natural, organic forms, taking reference from a variety of sources, including the natural landscape and the female body. I love pattern, texture and mark making and experiment with these on my work. Often using a range of found objects as tools for making marks and patterns on my bowls, platters and vessels making each piece unique.


CALLUM Mariam Suffolk


Function Porcelain


I make functional work in porcelain on the potters wheel. I also make one-off sculptural forms for the home and garden. My inspiration comes from the Indian, African and Arabic cultural backgrounds that I am fortunate to have. The endless possibilities that exist within the vessel form are challenging and exciting and towards this end I want to make pots that can be used and enjoyed in domestic life.


CURTIS Eddie County Durham


Japanese inspired Stoneware


Pieces that may be used for the presentation of food or drink‚ tea bowls, containers, sake wares and some platters.


CURTIS Margaret County Durham


Japanese inspired Stoneware


I like to make work that explores the crossover between functional and decorative; work that in isolation can stand on its own merits but when dressed with food helps to enhance the ritual of eating. Well crafted cuisine deserves thoughtful and singularly unique presentation.


DEUTSCH Dorit Cumbria




My pottery is mainly domestic and functional, wheel-thrown in high-fired stoneware which is tough and durable, oven and dishwasher proof as well as microwave safe.


DIX Anthony Warwickshire


Functional fired soda fired ware


Work is thrown and altered and combines ideas from utilitarian architecture and spirals in nature. references to water towers oil cans and machines and objects made for specific utilitarian use. this is all combined and brought together by the crisp machine like thrown forms enhanced the effects of soda and salt in the kiln working across surfaces that are suited to the corrosive effects of soda and salt.


FORD Kim Warwickshire


Ash glazed pottery


Pots decorated with slips, textures and ash glazes. The pots are tactile, visually appealing and pleasing to use. Materials for glazes, slips and firing are sourced locally wherever possible. The pots are fired with wood or gas, a typical firing takes around 14 hours and reaches temperatures of up to 1300C.


FOSKER Ben Leicestershire




My work is rooted in the English slipware tradition. However the the themes and motifs have many references. My mind just seems to wander about all over the place. People say the work makes them smile. This pleases me.


FRANCIS Tricia Norfolk


Hand thrown earthenware


I try to make useful and practical pots for everyday use in the kitchen or at the table.


GILBERT Jennie Wiltshire


Stoneware functional pottery


Reduction fired stoneware, tableware and other pots for the home.


HALL Jennifer Pembrokeshire


Domestic ware


Jennifer throws domestic ware in small batches on a geared kickwheel on the St Davids Peninsula, Pembrokeshire. Her pots are decorated with slips and oxides, using a combination of slip trailing, brushwork and sgraffito techniques.


HALLIGAN Janet Cheshire


Functional stoneware


Hand built jugs and teapots and pressed bowls and platters in stoneware.


HEELEY Richard Shropshire




My pots represent many years of trying to achieve a way of making that gives me faith in my belief that the potter has an affinity with the landscape; working with water, earth, fire, wood, salt, metal and stone. needs a level of understanding and sensitive handling in their use. Each element of this palette.


HERRING Sheila Herefordshire


Functional earthenware


I make functional thrown and hand built black earthenware pots. The surfaces are often decorated with free pencil line drawings and other forms of gestural mark making. Sometimes there is the suggestion of flowers, other times the exploration of repetitive patterns.


HIGHAM Hazel Staffordshire


Terracotta, useful kitchen ceramics


Hazel makes a range of functional ceramics using a terracotta clay with a white tin glaze. The work is free-hand decorated using oxides and ceramic colours as well as wax resist. Her aim is to make useful pots that you should not be worried about using for food.




Quality functional ceramics


Fired to stoneware temperatures and drawing on a love of both the coast and the surrounding countryside, pieces are designed to be comfortable to use and beautiful to look at, yet always with functionality in mind. Each piece is unique and this is reflected in the layering of glazes as part of the process to produce interesting and varied results.


HRUSTALENKO Jaroslav Hampshire


Dance inspired statement pieces


My inspiration is driven by music and dance, which feeds my growing passion for distinctive colours and dynamic shapes. I appreciate pure aesthetics of form, expressed in classical proportions of Golden Ratio. I employ tense potent curves and strong diagonals to convey the sheer impression of momentum in my compositions.


HUGHES Adam Shropshire


Functional domestic stoneware


I make functional ware and more sculptural work from my small studio using a gas reduction kiln and a wood firing kiln. My work reflects the countryside around me. I love recreating the colours and textures of this region. I have recently been exploring the look and feel of this nature taking back and of rediscovering man made items in this environment.


IMAM Zeba Stoke-on-trent


Stoneware clays


My work is inspired by the marks of human activity all around us. Bustling cityscapes, time-worn aspects of an industrial building, casual graffiti: they convey the universal human wish to be seen and to communicate: am/was here. Clay has a capacity for memory. Working alongside clay’s nature, I intend to capture the layered, palimpsest-like, quality of the human story. My work is primarily wheel-thrown.


JESSOP Paul Somerset


Traditional hand thrown pottery


Paul Jessop & Marion Lewis at Barrington Pottery are super excited to be coming back this year, bringing our simple style of country pottery. It might have a slightly French feel about it this time, but dont worry the pie dishes, ramekins and sauce pots are still with us. All of our pots are made to be used on a daily basis.


KANEKO Kayuzo Nottingham


Fire and Bake


Fire and Bake

Instagram: @fireandbake


KENDRA Carrie Lincolnshire


Hand built functional ware


I hand make my tableware from a porcelain white stoneware clay. It is rolled into slabs, compressed, smoothed, shaped in plaster molds, then refined on a turntable or wheel before careful drying. After biscuit firing they are glazed with a cobalt blue underglaze then a translucent overglaze. After its high temperature glaze firing, this is sanded for polished pebble feel that is extremely tactile.


RUSSELL Kingston Devon


Functional slipware


Devonshire Slipware is the perfect medium for me. Its roots in North Devon are what drew me to it. Its humble origins of the everyday medieval pot to its vibrant place in today’s studio pottery. My pots are made for the kitchen and table, I hope that they are used and enjoyed in everyday life.

Instagram - @russellkingstonceramics


KNOWLES-JACKSON Tom Gloucestershire 


Functional pottery


His work is influenced by local materials and the ceremony of eating and drinking. Made with stoneware clays, thrown on a momentum wheel and high fired using both gas and wood firing atmospheres to create pots that are robust yet refined. His pots are decorated with a natural palette of glazes and slips derived from wood ash and other locally foraged materials.


LAKE Claire Yorkshire 


Kiln fused glass


As a potter my work concentrated on the play of light and shadows in wall art. My shift to kiln fused glass allows an expression of colour and texture in all things for the home and garden. With a nod to Japan these simple forms open a wide range of possibilities and the designs can be translated into kitchen splashbacks or even lighting.


LAWRENCE Wendy Denbigh 


Sculptural hand carved ceramics


The inspiration for my work comes from natural form and texture, also architecture and antiquity. I enjoy making work on a varied scale and carving into the clay body. I use volcanic glazes and high fire the work to stoneware temperature. The work can be displayed in interior or exterior spaces.


LEA Sharon Cheshire 


Porcelain and stoneware


Wheel-thrown and altered porcelain and stoneware tableware, decorated with elements of local clays.


LOWE Michelle Edinburgh 


Slipware pots


Michelle’s pots are made to be used on the table and in the oven. She works in red earthenware clay decorated with slips, oxides, underglaze, sliptrailing and sgraffito. Many pieces are illustrated with plants and berries from her garden and nearby hedgerows. She loves the humble, cheery weeds and wildflowers which brighten our days and herald the changing of seasons.


MASON Jessica Stoke-on-Trent


Functional ware


Jessica’s work is focused on the sensitive interaction between maker and material. Exploring the dialogue between the plastic qualities of clay and its relationship to the user, she considers the evolution of each piece as being intrinsically linked to the rituals of functional wear.


MASTERTON John Hertfordshire


Handmade porcelain


Most of my work is made with Porcelain, and thrown on the wheel. I also handbuild and use moulds for large pieces plus a range of glazes, mostly based on traditional Chinese recipes, remade using modern ingredients. My signature is Copper Red, a tricky glaze that requires careful firing in a flame kiln to achieve the finish.


McMILLAN Gillian Stoke-on-Trent


Porcelain and earthstone


An experienced and qualified designer within the field of ceramics and has worked both in industry and as a sole potter for 40 years. Inspiration is taken from nature and designs are crafted in a variety of clays and using a range of techniques. Her ceramics are handmade either on a potter‚ wheel, coiled or press moulded, then drawn, cut, painted and glazed.




Table, garden planters, one offs


I make a wide range of functional tableware in a silky cream glaze and sculpted planters. I also make one off pots some of which use local materials in the glaze.


MEMBERY Nick Carmarthenshire 


Wood-fired stoneware pottery


My pots are intended for use, but most of all I want them to be enjoyed. I consider that they, in their own small way are the antithesis of mass production and consumerism. My pots take on the colours and tones of the environment that surrounds me. I gather local materials, unique to my location, for decorating and glazing my work: clay, ash and stone are all used to inextricably connect me, and my pots, to where I live.


MERRICK Isabel Devon 


Domestic slipware


I make colourful domestic slipware for the table and for cooking in. It is influenced by my surroundings, the beautiful Devonshire countryside, which offers so much inspiration for my designs. I use painting and scraffitto techniques for the mark making and drawing into the clay.


MORRISON Ian Wiltshire


Salt glazed stoneware


I focus on line, surface, and balance. I want my pots to convey an honesty about why and how they were made and for me the salt glazing process is a perfect application to achieve this. The pots, heavily salt glazed become incredibly tactile as well as showing my hand at work, as the maker, not hiding but instead highlighting the subtle marks, fingerprints from handling, and attachments in a tasteful way.

NASON Terry 21.jpg

NASON Terry South Derbyshire


Thrown functional stoneware


Terry creates a range of decorative and functional ceramics inspired by the colours, textures and ever-changing moods of the Derbyshire landscape. Each unique piece is hand thrown on the wheel, often with added slip applied to the outside whilst still on the wheel or texture inscribed into the soft clay echoing the rugged Peak District landscape. Intense and vibrant colour is introduced through the use of multicoloured layered glazes, these flow and intermingle making each piece individual.


NINE Fingers Wood Carving Derbyshire


Hand carved utensils


Useful, one of a kind utensils, hand carved in our small workshop from locally and responsibly sourced sustainable wood


PENTLAND Andrew Tyne & Wear


High fired domestic stoneware


My goal is to produce pieces that please the eye as much when not in use, as well as the satisfaction gained through everyday use. This is a long and continuing process. My work is wheel thrown fired with wood in reduction and made for domestic use.


PINNEY Erica Herefordshire


Stoneware with coloured glazes


I work in stoneware clay and throw hand built dishes, mugs and other useful articles, I’m interested in animals and fishes and they feature in the designs on my work, which has brightly coloured glazes, sponged , dipped and painted on.




Collaboratively designed pots


Working together under the name Popalini & Jezando, Pop Wilkinson and Jez Anderson make collaboratively designed pots. Their largely soda-fired work takes influence from the traditional pottery of North Devon and also from the subtle understated forms they admired whilst researching wood-firing in Japan.


PRITCHARD Melissa South London


Functional domestic ware


My work is thrown using salt clay and often manipulated while still wet on the wheel. Fired in a gas soda fired kiln using Shino glazes.

JENSEN Chris Raku .jpg

JENSEN Chris Derbyshire




Raku - A great opportunity to decorate and glaze a Japanese Raku pot, see it fired and take it home with you. The theatrical qualities of the process of Raku firing inspires an understanding of the making, glazing and firing of pots. Raku ware is associated with the Japanese Tea Ceremony.


REID Paul Manchester




I am a lover of pots and food. I produce tableware in a red earthenware clay. These are then decorated in a traditional English slipware style.


Richards Andrew Wales


Hand thrown ceramic art


I seek to push the boundaries of the pot/clay to becoming an abstract object in the art ceramic sculptural world. Careful manipulation, surface alterations with clastic sedimentary stones and oxides create the exterior. Textures from the Earth series of work reflects the landscape of the Welsh mountains and Coastline.


ROSS Viv Staffordshire


Slip decorated earthenware


I make functional ceramics that combine hand-processes such as press-moulding, coiling and throwing with a love of illustration. The pieces are decorated using coloured slips, paper stencils, brushwork and sgraffito.


SANDERSON Tina South Yorkshire


Terracotta Slipware


I make terracotta slipware to be used and loved.


SAVAGE Francis




Exploring the possibilities of low-fired terracotta slipware, drawing decorative inspiration from the traditions of British slipware and folklore, to create contemporary tableware.


SCOTT John Northumberland


Raku and sculptural ceramics


Mugs, plates and butter dishes


SCOWN Mike Sheffield


Iron rich stoneware


Thrown tableware in an iron-rich stoneware clay, glazed with a feldspar crackle and gas fired in reduction to produce a natural variation of tones.


SHIMWELL Alex Derbyshire


Domestic and decorative pots


My work is process and material led. I am interested in the natural attributes of the materials and techniques used creating the decorative effects on or in congruence with the forms I make.


SIMPSON Penny Devon


Hand thrown earthenware


Penny Simpson trained at Dartington Pottery and in Japan. She makes earthenware ceramics for everyday use. The pots are designed to enhance the pleasures of home cooking and eating and are oven proof and dishwasher safe. They are made with red earthenware clay and decorated with coloured slips and glazes. Inspiration for motifs usually comes from the natural world.


SION Kim London


Kim Started throwing a year and a half ago after meeting Pat and Geoff Fuller. They taught her the joy of how the eating and drinking experience can be heightened by using beautiful vessels. Kim also came to the conclusion that it was OK to be simple.



SMITH Rosalind Peak District


Traditional English earthenware


Rosalind’s work is hand-built in the tradition of early earthenware makers and decorated with her own slips and glazes. Every piece of Rosalind’s work is hand built without the use of casts or molds, and this makes each piece uniquely different to any other.


VANIC Sarah Sheffield




Chupinka pottery is for everyday use. I favour subtle quiet tones using a stoneware flek clay and white glaze adding accents of colour to create a country cottage feel.


WALTER Josie Derbyshire


Decorated earthenware


Once fired domestic earthenware made on a momentum wheel, fired in an electric kiln. All the pots are ideal for cooking and serving delicious food. Pots are decorated on white slip with trailed images of hens, deer, pigs, rabbits, hares as well as fruit and vegetables and then finished with coloured glazes


WALTON Sarah East Sussex


Sculptures of the South Downs landscape



Down the years I used it to produce firstly pots, then birdbaths and abstract sculptures. I’m showing new work here. As a child I walked, drew and painted this landscape. I feel that it, together with the Cumbrian landscape, lies behind all my ceramics. I feel a continuous thread links all my work.


WILLIAMS Joshua Galloway


Functional slipware and sculpture


Locality and sustainability are vital to us, and so we test local clays for use in our work. These are found alongside discarded shards of folk pottery and old bricks, all of which come from the seashore and riverbeds surrounding the pottery. These are collected and provide inspiration; the ongoing aim being to create a body of work which is defined by the same sense of vitality found in these old pots, yet is also revived for a modern audience.


WINFREY Katherine Lincolnshire


Domestic earthenware


Slip decorated domestic ware for people to enjoy using and to make them smile.


WITHERS Penny Sheffield


Thrown Stoneware


Pots for food are all about the senses and the transference of energy by touch. Handling a pot is like shaking hands with the maker. A completely satisfying dining experience should embrace the cuisine, the company and the tableware.


WOODS Rebecca J Liverpool


Functional and decorative pots


I make pots that are both functional & decorative, mugs, bowls & pouring bowls, butter dishes, planters, bud vases & square bottles. I love imprinting, fluting and inlaying my pots. I use kept objects, such as an earring, or an old glass button from my mum’s old button tin to create the imprints.


YOUNG Paul Warwickshire


Slip decorated earthenware


A range of domestic and Decorative earthenware's inspired by the Glorious English and European Folk Arts.


YOUNG Tilly Devon


Original slipware


I’ve worked with clay for over 40 years - like a long marriage. We’re still friends! Pots for every domestic use, especially food. Always earthenware usually with slips, thrown, slabbed, pinched, re-formed, always aiming to keep it light and lively.

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